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What are we doing?


Turkey's most popular jingles

  • There is only one frustration of telling the most prominent side of the promenade you produce. It is also music that you will use. 
  •  You need is dramatic, tensioning, energetic, aggressive, exciting and motivational theme music that is shaped by the flow of your story. 
  • Do not forget ! A good Jingle; must be short, understandable, striking and reminiscent.
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Most Popular Shows

  • Big Brother Turkey on Star TV!
  • Cevap Sende (People's Choice) on ATV Channel
  • Mehmet Ali ile Adını Sen Koy on Star TV
  • Max Kahramanlar Takımı on Disney Channel  !
  • Sıradaki Gelsin (Next One) on Fox TV Now !


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Mix & Mastering

Studio's Works
  • Mix is one of the most important processes in the production process of a musical work.
  • Performing these operations with experienced engineers and high-quality equipment is necessary for a more professional hearing of your pro- cess.
  • Mastering is the last phase of recording an album. Briefly, Frequency and Sound level balancing is the process. It is a process that is absolutely necessary after the mix stage.

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Our Services

- Voice Over Cast Agency
- Multi Language Translation Voice Over Rec
- Studio Recording
- Sound Logo
- Foley
- Original Soundtracks
- Indoor Voice Guide
- IVR Voice Prompt Recording
- Indoor Individual Radio Broadcast
- Individual Corporate Music CD Production

Why choose us?

- We are experienced, we understand you, we produce ideas, we deliver on time.

- We do all our work in one roof, with our own resources.

- We only produce original music for you.

- At the most affordable prices, we produce fast, creative solutions.

Perfect Results

- Jingles over 100 !

- More than 10 TV shows !

- Senior professional team and equipments.

- Mixing and mastering of TV shows and jingles.

- Orchestral Trailer Film musics.